Name Joker
Species Cat
Status Deceased
Affiliation Claudandus
Cult of Claudandus
Alignment Evil

Joker was a fanatical member of the Claudandus Sect. He was their high priest and leader. A loyal associate of Claudandus, he was the secondary antagonist of Felidae.


Joker was a deeply religious cat who demanded great and terrible sacrifices from his followers in the name of Claudandus. He was possibly murderous, though killed before anything could be revealed for certain. Deeply loyal, when Francis gets too close to solving the murders, Joker submits to execution from his leader Claudandus to thwart the snooping cat.


Joker is a large, robust cat of pale and brown colors. He has a strong jaw and his eyes are ice blue. He has small ears and a fluffy body. His breed is unclear, but he appears to be a persian cat.


It is implied that Joker, among many others, may have been one of the lab cats left over from Julius Preterius experiments. He meets Claudandus sometime after the former gets free and adopts his ideals, later spreading them. Joker was a loyal friend to Claudandus all the way up to his death.

Before FelidaeEdit

Joker was first seen leading the ceremony of the Claudandus sect. He encourages several of his followers to commit mass suicide in the name of their savior, Claudandus. This ceremony is interrupted by Francis, who observes secretly until he is discovered by Joker. Angered, Joker orders his followers to capture and kill Francis.

Joker discussed as being the possible murderer of the dead cats springing up, between Bluebeard, Isaiah and Francis. However, before anyone can find out for sure and bring him to justice, he is executed and his body hidden. Bluebeard and Francis find the body, with Francis concluding he willingly submitted to death and was not the killer, on a close consort.


Joker post execution

It is later revealed that Claudandus is still alive and was the one who silenced Joker before anyone could capture him and make him reveal things.


  • Joker was the only willing death of the murderer.
  • Though suspected at first, his name was eventually cleared
  • He had a granddaughter named Pepeline.
  • Ulrich Wildgruber voices Joker in the film.
  • Joker's breed is a Persian Cat.
  • Joker and Claudandus were the only antagonists to die leaving the Felidae project.